On 21 November 1922, Robert Campbell Edwards signed and sealed a parchment document to establish the Campbell Edwards Trust for “religious educational and charitable purposes”.

The initial assets that Robert signed over to the Trust were various land holdings including in Richmond, and shares and interests in the McPherson Shoe Company, and Commonwealth White Lead Paints Pty Ltd. Much more would follow in later years, as Robert quickly built out his board to seven honorary trustees.

Over its 100 year history, the Trust’s corpus has expanded through its investments, and thousands of individuals have been helped through generous and timely donations to Australians in need.

Robert passed away in 1946.  Were he alive today am sure he would be not only astonished, but absolutely delighted by what the Trust has grown to and what it has achieved. 

On behalf of Robert, thank you to the trustees both present and past for your contribution to the Campbell Edwards Trust. Special mention must go to Robin Campbell Edwards, who has been involved with the Trust since 1966, and continues to give his time and wealth of knowledge so enthusiastically today.

So here we are, 100 years on and still going strong, despite having weathered some challenges over the years. Our work is far from complete. More can and will be done to fulfil the charitable objects laid down by our visionary founder a century ago, viewed through the lens of contemporary Australia.

The centenary marks the establishment of a solid foundation. We raise our bat to acknowledge the occasion, then re-scratch out our mark and settle once again determinedly at the crease; the next century of service to those in need lies ahead.

Kind regards

James Campbell Edwards