Trust Mission

Trust Mission

The Campbell Edwards Trust is a charitable foundation dedicated to making a real and sustainable difference to people’s lives in Australia.  We provide financial support to registered charities whose programs align with the Trust’s values and vision.

Each year, having regard to the wishes of the Trust’s founder and the evolving needs in the community, the trustees consider which charitable organisations to support from the many worthwhile causes in Australia.  Once funding is provided, the Trust stays involved and follows the charity’s progress against its internal goals to make sure that the financial assistance is used meaningfully and as intended.  So that the non-profits are able to adequately plan, assistance is usually provided for at least two years, and in many cases much longer than this.

The Trust’s current focus is on programs and projects designed to assist the following categories:

  • Young people in need of education and other assistance
  • Families undergoing conflict
  • Those in need of basic human necessities such as food, shelter or clothing
  • Indigenous Australians suffering disadvantage
  • Support and research services for community challenges

More information about who we support is available here.