Trust Mission

Trust Mission

The Campbell Edwards Trust is a charitable fund established in 1922 for “religious, educational and charitable purposes”.  Almost a century later, the Trust has made a significant difference to people’s lives in Australia.

We provide financial support to registered charities whose programs align with the Trust’s requirements, values and vision.  Each year, having regard to the wishes of the Trust’s founder and the evolving needs in the community, the trustees consider which charitable organisations to support from the many worthwhile causes in Australia. Once funds are provided, the Trust stays involved and follows the charity’s progress against its internal goals to make sure that the financial assistance is used meaningfully and as intended.  So that charities are able to adequately plan, assistance is usually provided for at least two years, and in many cases much longer than this.

The current trustees strive to observe the spirit and purposes of the Trust viewed through the lens of contemporary society, and apply funds to organisations and agencies whose work and sphere of influence today reflects the Christian spirit and intent of Robert Campbell Edwards.

When the Trust was established almost 100 years ago, amongst other objects, the founder had in mind support for the concept a primitive Church with no organised material or financial structure.  However, towards the end of his time, Robert amended the objects of the Trust to provide support for causes that trustees unanimously agreed were as near as they could find to the Trust’s spirit and purpose. Over its long history the Trust has supported organisations with characteristics of primitive Christianity, and continues to look for such opportunities within modern Australia. As the founder of the Burwood Boys’ Home, from the beginning an object of great importance to Robert was charitable work for the benefit of disadvantaged children. Today much of what the Trust does is support, shelter, feed and educate children, young adults and families going through tough times.

The founder believed in helping the indigent, and it was said of him that he would give the shirt off his back to a person in need.  The Trust today supports causes providing shelter and other basic human kindnesses to those sleeping rough or generally doing it tough.  We also distribute funds to other causes that we believe Robert would have wished to support, such as disadvantaged indigenous Australians and causes that deal with medical and other community challenges.

Each year is a new year and with it comes new opportunities to carry on Robert’s work.  More information about who we support today is available here.