Trustees Dinner Shot 13 March 2013

At a special meeting of the 7 Trustees of the Campbell Edwards Trust on 13 March 2013, the Trustees determined the final donations for the 2013 financial year.

From the many worthwhile charities considered for support, the Trustees eventually decided to make donations to 29 hand-selected charities across Australia. The organisations supported are those the Trustees considered most closely aligned with the spirit and purpose of the Trust.

Amongst the non-profit organisations supported, there were six charities supported for the first time.

Said President, Robin Campbell Edwards – “Feeding the homeless, assisting struggling families and kids and helping the indigenous, the causes we decided to support all do amazing work.   With my fellow Trustees, I am proud to be able to carry on my grandfather Robert’s spirit of philanthropy, and do our bit to help those in need.”

Donations are now closed for the 2013 financial year. Applications will open for the 2014 financial year from October.